About us

“We are here to provide great customer service as well as the easiest and most convenient solution for you to enter the digital economy”

Our values

Most important for us is to provide excellent customer service in all aspects. We are always reachable, and we always strive to respond as quickly as we can to your inquiries.
We believe that great customer service is essential to providing a great experience. Our team strives to deliver well-designed, user-friendly and convenient solutions to ensure that our customers are so happy with the experience using WeMoveCoins’ services that they return. We are always working on expanding our features and making our services and products better! If you have any great ideas that would improve our product, please reach out to us.
A cornerstone in our value-set is also to promote a greater level of sound, legal, and innovative transactions in the digital space. To do so we apply a great amount effort to ensure that we form a relationship with our customers. We have therefore become partners with specialists in the industry to ensure that our traded funds have been and are being used in a legal manner. We believe in doing so, the community will broaden its reach and will help innovative technologies gain greater traction.

Our Story

WeMoveCoins is founded in and operated from Copenhagen in Denmark. Fredrik Grothe-Eberhardt and Thorkild Grothe-Møller leads the team. We have united to work on WeMoveCoins coming from diverse backgrounds with experiences ranging from street-food start-ups, M&A consultancy, IT development as well as charity fundraising.

Despite our diverse backgrounds, we share the common interest in digital currencies, which we believe will evolve into a mainstream practice which will eventually be taken seriously amongst the financial institutions worldwide.

We are proud to have been chosen among the few fintech startups to join the Copenhagen Fintech Hub which is located right within the city center.