The Bitcoin Affiliate Program

In this section, we will give you an introduction to our premium bitcoin affiliate program. At, we spend a lot of time on building a good, reliable, easy and convenient service for our customers. However, we quickly came to the realization that if we want to scale our business and reach a global market, we need to reach our customers locally. Which is why we have decided to collaborate with talented, international marketers so we can grow our business to a global level in exchange for an affiliate cut of this profitable success. In the next sections you will be able to learn more about our existing marketers and how they started, and about how you can build your brand, by taking part in our premium bitcoin affiliate program.

How does it work?

Our premium bitcoin affiliate program or ‘reseller program’, is a hybrid between the well-known affiliate programs out there, like the one offered by Amazon and other major retailers, and a classical white-label, reseller program.

When you are an affiliate for WeMoveCoins, you will as the marketeer create your landing page in the software of your choosing (e.g. WordPress, Instapage… ) and we will then send you the action buttons, which redirects to a sub-site of your domain. On this subdomain, we will place a white labelled instance of our order-engine. You will essentially be the storefront of your own shop, and we will make sure that you have the engine, which works, metaphorically as your cashier.

Our Excisting Affiliate Marketeers – Our French Marketeer

Our French speaking marketer, Constance Flachaire went in April 2017 with a brand new site, to take on the French speaking market., gives French natives the comfort and service of having guides and tutorials in French, while still being able to access the service offered by WeMoveCoins, but through the familiarity of the brand. Furthermore, Contance offers customer support on her site and are always happy to help with any questions you might have regarding the affiliate program. – Our German-Speaking Marketeer

Our German speaking marketer Niklas Mallmann went live January 2017 with his site simplekoin to support German speaking countries like Germany, Austria and parts of Switzerland in their native language. The same way with our French affiliate site,, Niklas makes ensures that the German natives are offered the comfort, amazing customer support and service of having guides and tutorials in German and are still able to access the service provided by WeMoveCoins. Simplekoin is yet another great example of an awesome affiliate marketeer and we are very pleased about this partnership!

Want to join?

Did you find yourself inspired Niklas and Constance’s success? Are you interested in creating your own profitable business and do you have an interest in bitcoins? Then you should definitely reach out to us at WeMoveCoins!
Do you have any suggestions for us about advancing our features and API’s? Then we would also love to hear from you. The more feedback we get the better decisions our products and services will become! Contact us at