API and Alternative Solutions

In this section, you will find tutorias and explanations on different way to access our service, that might be usefull to you as a private consumer, small business or consultant. The mission of WeMoveCoins.com, is to make Bitcoin and Blockchain payment products, that makes it easier for the you to deal with bitcoin on a day-to-day.

How to receive bitcoins as payment for my services?

Bitcoin is a great and efficient way to pay and get paid. This is especially true if customers or partners are scattered around the world, because it is fast, efficient and inexpensive compared to the use of banks and different currencies.

The obstacle though is often that customers don’t know about bitcoin. The solution for this is to use our “payment gateway”, which is very easy to use and implement.

You do not need to create any account at our site or explain to us what your business is about. You simply just put our customizable link on your website, which will display a traditional credit card window for your customers – and you will receive bitcoins in your wallet.

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How to implement a payment gateway on your website

On your own website (or in emails) you can place a link to our “payment gateway”, which will present a credit card payment window to your customers, and you will receive bitcoins into your own wallet

An efficient way to use our gateway, is to prefill the order-form with important information such as bitcoin address and amount/currency. It is also possible to include the name of the client, phone number and email address if you already have an order form on your website.

The way this works is just like having an ATM on your website. Here customers can withdraw cash (in this case bitcoin) and then turn around and pay the desired amount to you. We do not accept payments on your behalf and do not hold any responsibility or offer any kind of support for matters relating to the transaction between the customer and your shop.

Calling our service using customizable parameters

The following section explains the use of the currently available parameters:


Variables Type and values Example Comment
amount Integer http://apptest.wemovecoins.com/?amount=150
currency Currency codes http://apptest.wemovecoins.com/?currency=USD See list of available currencies on app.wemovecoins.com
paymentMethod “CreditCard” / “Bank” http://apptest.wemovecoins.com/?paymentmethod=Bank Only app.123bitcoin.dk is currently accepting bank transfer


Variables Type and values Example Comment
cryptoaddress Bitcoin address http://apptest.wemovecoins.com/?cryptoaddress=3ArkeoE819ckqkNuF8qxSdUVf67hJe1Ds3
name Name of customer http://apptest.wemovecoins.com/?name=Firstname%20Lastname Names shall be separated by “%20”
email Email of customer http://apptest.wemovecoins.com/?email=email@domain.com
phoneCode Country code http://apptest.wemovecoins.com/?phonecode=91 See list of available phone codes on app.wemovecoins.com
phoneNumber Phone number http://apptest.wemovecoins.com/?phonenumber=8123251303&phonecode=91 Shall be set together with the phonecode variable


Variables Type and values Example Comment
compact “true” http://apptest.wemovecoins.com/?compact=true When compact=true then application is shown in a compact form ideal for build-in into an iframe
returnUrl Url pointing on exit http://apptest.wemovecoins.com/?returnUrl=coindesk.com Useful for redirecting customer to a particular website after ordering
bcc Email http://apptest.wemovecoins.com/?bcc=email@domain.com Emails sent to the customer will automatically also be sent to the bcc email account
partnerId ID of a partner agreement http://apptest.wemovecoins.com/?partnerid=company123 The ID is issued by WeMoveCoins and based on an affiliate agreement with an affiliate company


If all or groups of parameters are used in the call of our service, we have embedded logic for improved user-experience and to avoid the customer to interact or alter the information

If all “AMOUNT” parameters are know, we will show the “AMOUNT” panel in a read-only mode. Try this example: http://apptest.wemovecoins.com/?amount=150&currency=USD&paymentMethod=CreditCard

If all “CUSTOMER INFORMATION” parameters are given, our logic will hide the input fields to avoid the customer to interact or alter the information. Try this example: http://apptest.wemovecoins.com/?cryptoaddress=3ArkeoE819ckqkNuF8qxSdUVf67hJe1Ds3&name=Firstname%20Lastname&email=email@domain.com&phoneNumber=8123251303&phoneCode=91

If both “AMOUNT” and “CUSTOMER INFORMATION” parameters are know, we will hide the page for order information and show a summary instead as you will see in this example: http://apptest.wemovecoins.com/?amount=150&currency=USD&paymentMethod=CreditCard&cryptoaddress=3ArkeoE819ckqkNuF8qxSdUVf67hJe1Ds3&name=Firstname%20Lastname&email=email@domain.com&phoneNumber=8123251303&phoneCode=91

PS: The order of the parameters are indifferent and the actual used parameters are optional. When using in production you will need to change host name from “http://apptest.wemovecoins.com” to “https://app.wemovecoins.com“.

Ticker API

You can integrate to our live ticker, and have it show on your own website or use it in your project in some other way. Our ticker display prices in a variety of currencies and also have the capabilities of picking the currency based on the culture code of the individual visitor’s browser.

The basic URL for this call is: https://app.wemovecoins.com/LatestBTCRate

This URL will return the bitcoin price at present, in the currency related to your browser settings. Please note that only the following currencies are available, so if you are from any other country then one that uses one of these, the URL will fall back to DKK as standard.


You may also tell our service in what currency you want the rate. This is done by including the currency in the URL when you call our service.

Here you see an example, where we want to get the price in Indian Rupees (INR): https://app.wemovecoins.com/LatestBTCRate?currency=INR

Are you finding these features valuable?

If you are using any of these features or calls in your project or business, or would like to see us build some feature that you need, we would love to hear from you. The more feedback we get, the better decisions we can make on how to make the best products for you and your needs, so we together can make bitcoin and blockchain technology easier and ever more convenient. Contact us at info@wemovecoins.com