Frequently asked questions

We guarantee to send your Bitcoins within 12 hours, provided that all documents have been uploaded and approved related to the transaction.

In case you have not received any confirmation mail and that your Bitcoins have not appeared in your digital wallet, then please contact customer support.
We send out two emails, one upon confirmation of payment and one at completion of the transaction. The transaction confirmation includes a link with the transaction ID, where it is possible for you to see the transaction on the blockchain.

A frequent cause to customers not seeing their transaction, is that the digital wallet hasn’t synced properly with the blockchain.

No, you should use your own credit card.
Your payment will be charged when we have sent you your Bitcoins. Until we have sent your order the amount will be reserved on your card. You will be able to see the reservation on your credit card statement.
We currently support payment through all VISA and Mastercards, both debet and credit cards. This includes VISA Electron, Maestro and VISA/Dankort.
There is no right of withdrawal on any completed orders, as we cannot revert a completed transaction. We, however, strive to not execute an order, if you as the customer choose to cancel. If you choose to cancel/withdraw an order, please contact us as fast as possible at We do not give any guarantees, that we will be able to stop an order after payment is made, but we will do our best.
Your orders will be paid within 12 hours unless you need to provide us with further documentation in order to identify you.
It is very simple. We take a commission of 7,5%.
Please refer to our fees page.