We make an effort at WeMoveCoins to make your experience of buying bitcoins with us the best it can be! We have set up our system to accept credit card payment and make payouts 3-4 minutes later (see our disclaimer below on this page). This will most likely work for you also if you follow our simple guidelines:


Have your mobile phone ready:

  • Only use your own phone.
  • Never use a virtual number found on website.
  • Never share your phone with friends etc. who also wants to buy bitcoins from us.


Buy bitcoins with a credit card:

  • Only use your own card.
  • Card must (preferably) be issued in the same country as your phone number.
  • Never use cards issued in the US. Orders will, in this case, be declined.


Your email address:

  • Use your commonly used email address only.


Your name:

  • Use your given name only as stated in your passport or other government issued ID.


Order amount

  • As a first time customer (or existing customer using a new credit card), start with a small amount of 50 EUR and enjoy our smooth order process.


Credit card verification

  • If you have bought for more than approx. 100 EUR on the same card, you will be asked to verify it. It is a self-service process, and it will be very easy for you if you have already made a small purchase.


Identity validation

  • We allow a purchase of up till 1000 EUR a month without upload of ID.


What to avoid

  • Do not use different phone numbers. There can be a good reason to do so, but our compliance system gets very confused. Give us a hint if you change number so we can help migrating your credentials and reputation to your new number.
  • Do not use “constructed” email address – we love obviously genuine addresses.
  • Be consistent in the name you use because phone number and name are tightly linked in our system.
  • Do not use VPN to hide your location, because your true IP-address is important for our assessment of your order. We like if your IP-location is the same as your phone-country and card issuing country, though we accept there can be good reasons for it not to be so.
  •  Do not share your email address, credit card or phone with friends also using our service.



See more information on our Terms & Condition page here.

Situations like civil war, tsunami, earthquake, DDoS attack and whatever you can imagine, which are outside out control, will of course set all orders on hold for an indefinite period.

Besides of that we can have situations where a very high volume of trading temporarily can make our hot-wallet and/or our EUR-funding account runs low. This will have an immediate and direct negative impact on our ability to execute orders.

Finally, we claim the right to pick out orders for a manual review, which of course can delay the payout process.